April 4, 2009

Where I Wasn't for Spring Break

When I was in college spring break meant going to Florida to hang out on the beach and get sunburned with a zillion other college students.

This year I went to Florida to hang out with my grandmother. I graded papers and wrote final exams. She read the newspaper and did the crossword.

I will try to be better about posting each week.

We have second drafts for Abnormal Psychology papers due this week -- followed by everyone's favorite: Peer Review (that was sarcasm with the "everyone's favorite" part ... Although I have more patience for other people's writing than reviewing my own. For instance, how many near postings have I deleted or just never published? Still if I can generalize, students seem to have a harder time with giving critical feedback to help a peer make a paper stronger than making general positive comments. Whereas for me, my New England Yankee reserve gets in the way, and I have to remind myself to point out the strength of people's papers... In my family "not bad" seems effusive so I have skewed standards.)

I'm excited about the Intro to Soc Sociological Analysis Projects because they are all on different topics and can take different forms. (I have a bet that despite the lists of criteria for the project and potential forms it could take that most students will default to a typical (??) paper. Not because it is exciting, but familiar.) Although I have heard from a few students that are overlapping their project with an assignment from another class - very cool.

By the way, if you are one of my Intro Soc students -- I'll remind you all of this in class (again) but read it now too -- make sure you meet the criteria for the assignment. You might put forth something brilliant and creative and ignore a third of the project requirements ending up with a C. Please don't do that. Double check the criteria after you have a draft of the assignment. And as always, come talk to me if you have a question. Please.

One last thing -- I will do my best to keep a sane pace as the term comes to an end. No matter how I engineer my course calendars things magically seem to pile up in the last few weeks. For our classes, please do your best to stay on top of your work and resist the temptation to procrastinate. It will make the rest of the term a lot easier for all of us.