November 29, 2009

Must Make it to the End of the Term....

So close.

By the way... I did not finish the paper for the Schweitzer folks, even though I presented in Chicago for the international conference and in VT for the NH/VT folks. I was cursing the fact that agreed to present (and travel) in the middle of such an crazy term. But both conferences were really wonderful. I'm glad I went.

And Spring 2010 -- for a moment all three full-time faculty members will unite once more. (We sound like superheroes... I don't really feel like one though.)

Students still make the classroom work worthwhile. NPR news comes on with the alarm. And that is when I start thinking about the students. Which cool (or often not so cool) thing/idea/event is relevant to our studies today.

Rudolph there was relinquished. He is the rigid plastic recycling at the transfer station. Now that is sad... Rainy November, Rudolph left on the scrap heap. (Me hanging solo waiting for my students... got to love service learning & community engaged projects SL/CE :) ...)