October 5, 2010

Things Students Shouldn't Ask Me, Part I

I didn't get very far into Fall term without snapping at a student. While I was trying to get the 4 minute NPR clip about the relationship between early sleep patterns and obesity, four or five students decide that is the time to ask me various questions. The questions were in the style of the late students who seem to sense when you've just started talking again and then arrive so you feel you should swoop around and repeat yourself for the eighth time... Then the unlucky one asked as she flipped through the syllabus, "So were supposed to read chapter 2 for ...?"

Luckily that particular student was in my next class too, so I could apologize to her and recap this class dilemma.

Yes, yes. I know. I could just keep talking and ignore the late people. But that is much easier with a giant, semi-anonymous class.