May 3, 2011

I am the Picture Thief!

I am the Picture Thief! I took this picture, but I may be stealing the student blogger's proverbial thunder. Sorry! But --- contrary to what parents and teachers may say, we have favorites. Fortunately, I'm talking about classes. Each term one or two classes just comes together. Conversely, usually one or two classes doesn't. So every term I have the experience of being really bummed out about the end of one of our classes and really okay with the end of another. I have no ability to predict which class will be either the shining star of the term or the class that seems like it never actually takes off. Subject matter is not predictive. Time of day... I'm chalking it up to some confluence of chemistry of students with one another and with me, time, subject matter, and whatever else.

This term was a tough call for shining star. But the recognition goes to RUS 101 (pictured above.) This group jumped in and away we went. I will miss us as a group and being able to study Russian language and culture.